thought i would share this, i found this very funny, um this is someone i ride trails with, shes only been riding on this bike for 5 months or so..

haha that sucks.

Luckily she seemed alright. But the bike?

I like the title of the video also.

rofl, yeah the bike is ****ed.. trying to fix it at the moment

rofl, yeah the bike is ****ed.. trying to fix it at the moment

lol :confused:

was that ice or a rock she hit?

Still funny as hell seeing her belly flop into the water!!!

is she really a milf?

^ railer hahaah

hahahahahha nice, iv don't that in snow

um, she hit ice, yeah there was ice under the water, and her front could make it over, aha belly flop right in the water.... yeah that sucks so much for her, i feel sorry for her.. so im helping to fix her bike

good luck fixing the bike

But man that was pretty funny

no really is she a MILF?

yea she is :excuseme: um.. bike is fixed..:confused:

yea she is :excuseme: um.. bike is fixed..:excuseme:

lol. You fixed it quick.:confused:

post pictures! hahaha

now that there was funny!

Milf Pictures Now!

Milf Pictures Now!


Milf Pictures Now!


that sucks for the bike. i like the sorta handstand on the handlebars for a split second.


L O L ......

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