Recent pic of my RM125

I just wanted to share what my bike looks like now. I was going to race for the first time today but I wussed out. Let me know what you guys think, it's a '94 RM125. Everything on it has been ran through.


nice bike man! looks Super clean for a 94:thumbsup:

I like your bike. I was guessing it was a 2000.

thats a really nice bike! im getting a 1994 rm125 tomorrow, i cant wait! im jumping from an xr75 lol!

Appreciate it guys.

nice lookin bike ya got there.

Man thats sweet for its age! :confused:

WOW man that EXACT model year brings back some memories for me. A 96 does also but hell I would have to say that I got the 94 at the beginning of 96 and it wasn't that clean. Nice bike man, hope you have alot of fun with it. Let the confidence of racing come to you though, my experience with anything dirtbike related is that if you don't wait until you are comfortable you will get hurt. Ride er smart,keep er clean, see ya at the races!

That bike is gross. Thats the worst Rm125 I've ever seen. Just busting your balls. Your bike looks extremely clean. If I had to guess, I definitely wouldn't say it was a 14 year old bike. If you decide to race it let us know how you do.

Thanks for the good words guys. I will be racing against all newer 250F's and I'm pretty sure there was just one 2 stroke, a newer YZ125. My race is in two weeks and a buddy is going with me to practice this Tuesday to work on starts and dial in my lap times. Wish me luck guys so I can represent the older RM bikes well.

Just to let you guys know it's got a vented '00 front # plate and a '01 front fender, if you were wondering. I'm getting some custom RockStar shroud and front fender tip graphics from in Weatherford, TX made this week so it will look sharpe for the race.

Thats going to rock. I can't wait to see it.

Sweet looking ride brother ..I'd say that doesn't even need graphics .......stop wussing out :excuseme: have a beast there:applause: !!! go for it one time buddy for the Zook Thumpers !!!!!!! :confused:

Got back from practice tonight and jamed my big toe ripping half my toe nail off because I got sideways on a jump when I landed. I would have went over if it wasn't for me putting my foot down. There was me and some older guy on a KX125, and once he got on the track I really started pushing it. It was hard to get motivated to go fast when no one is riding with you.

i know what you mean, my lap times go down by a good ten seconds when i have competition.

I ordered a Tusk clutch kit and the harder springs are way to hard to pull in so I have to lay the bike over and pull those dang things out again. Then the chain I ordered was just a hair to short so I have to pay shipping and send it back and then they will send me my new one which will make for another weekend or two of not riding.

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