klx140l jetting

switched jetts yesterday finally, air box mods made, went up to a 40 pilot from a 38, went up to a 105 main from a 95, changed mixture screw settings, made the bike much easier to start, but the weather is not really all that cold right now, will try agai tonight when its about 35 degrees

Are these 140 specific jets? Or are you using another model to get these from? And when you said up to a 40 from a 98, you meant down right? She hasn't rode this bike in a while, so I tried to start it yesterday, and had a hard time with it. I had to have the choke out, and hit the button with the throttle wide open for about 5 spins and let off the throttle, then it would start, but would only stay running by babying the throttle until warm. What a pain in the ass. Guessing I would say it was in the mid to hi 40's yesterday. Thanks for any info, I am too busy with my bikes to try and figure out another one.

mis print 38

well did ya try startin it again?


i went out to the shed yesterday

couldn't take it anymore was like

70'ish here

it seemed to fire up pretty good

but than i see that hubby had

started it a few days before


anyway, i ran it up and down the

pavement here in our subdivision

even took the old 125 out of the

shed and ran that up and down

the pavement

"i wanna ride"


OK pipes in and on, verdicts still out on the two brothers, sound is sweet, very deep, not raspy, the pipe goes straight back to the muffler with no mounts in between, nickle plated, quite a bit bigger around, steps up from the head to the muffler, rode it down the road and back, gettin cold again, been off it for awhile not sure where the gain is, runs clean maybe a bit more over rev, curious about the actual power gain, as for the jetting seem to have it really close seems to start alot easier, even cold, adjusted the airscrew to the pipe, seems to be really close, happy at this point, will no more later

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