Honda XR250R Oil Question

Last summer I changed the oil and oil filter in my 2001 Honda XR250R dirtbike. The oil I used was Shell Rotella T 15w-40 non-synthetic. The oil filter I used was "Tusk First Line Oil Filter". Based on the reviews I read this was a good combination for my application. Since then, I road around 80 miles or so. This is off-road riding meaning high revs and lots of clutch use. The riding season is starting to open up here and I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing for my bike. My question it ok to keep the same oil and oil filter in my bike for this riding season? The bike has been sitting since October until now (not ran since). Or should I just change the oil and keep the filter in there? Or should I be on the safe side and change both the oil and oil filter?

you should be fine. I run the same oil in my 250 except with the oem honda filter. I usually run 500 miles between changes, and it still comes out pretty clean. It probably wouldn't be bad to change it at least once a year if you ride less than that just because it can start to break down a little as time goes by. Deffinitely clean your air filter and put some fresh gas in, and go ride!


Since you put your bike to bed for the winter with older oil in it and the corrosive combustion byproducts have been sawing away at the internals of your engine all winter, you should start it up for Spring and change the oil. $5 is pretty cheap insurance for your trusty steed.

Happy Trails!:confused:

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