125TTR yz80 carb mod question

I just did the air box mod on my 03 125ttr, but since I ride a lot of trails I left the new stock air filer in but removed the screen. I just ordered a 99 yz80 carb and big gun exhaust. Am I going to have to do a lot of modification with this carb? I live in pennslvania , any ideas or thoughts on any jet sizes or If anybody has done this will I have any problems mounting this carb? And will my air box hose line up ect? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate this thanks

The carb fits fine. You may need to silicone the motor side boot as it doesn't seal the best. Do a search on this forum for jetting hints.

good luck

Alright cool, as long as it mounts up n. Fits. I jus didn't wana buy one n have to do more n more mods for it to work thanks a lot man

I have a YZ80 carb on my TTR125, and it fits fine. I ran into two problems. 1. Routing the fuel hose was a little tricky, I looped mine under the carb. 2. With the carb installed you cannot access the idle mix screw. I also dremmelled the intake boot to get the carb to fit better. It should help flow more air at the top end. I'm up about 2hp over stock, but that is with some other mods as well. I don't know how much the carb alone improved things. You can see some more info at:http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=618550

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