08 Steering head bearings, Suspension

I read somewhere on this forum about new bikes and the grease in the head bearings. Man you guy's weren't kidding took the triple apart on my new 08 yz250f , hardly any grease at all in the top bearing only half the bearing was greased.

Has anyone checked to see what their rear swingarm and linkage was like from new, before i tear mine apart? Was it the same as the head bearings?

Yes, the swingarm, linkage, and wheel bearings all need to be greased.

my 07 was fine. swingarm and linkage were good. they did have a big gunk of the grease on the steering stem for some reason. but it was fine.

On my 08 WR, I did the linkages and there was not much grease at all in there. The wheel bearings however did have a lot. I have not done the steering head yet.

what is the susoension settings for a 2002 yzf250 standard,hard and soft

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