kickstart kit install - stop installed correctly?

back on track with my install, and i want to avoid the common mistake of not installing the stop properly. please take a look and make sure i did it right - i have one part mounted underneath, with the tab facing the case. and another part on the top, with the tab facing out. am i correct?

thanks in advance...




It's been about 3 weeks since I did mine, and your photos are a little too blurred to see clearly, but I believe you're looking good. If I see the inner tab pointing toward the case, then it's correct. I believe that's the little part that Eddie said had to be correct or you would lunch your cases. Not real clear, but the instructions do tell you exactly how to align them on page 6. It just doesn't mention that they are both secured with the same bolt and lie on top one another.


yeah, the pics are terrible, i know. yes, the underneath part has the tab pointing in.

guess i'll go get 'em now....

its correct.

thanks, eddie!

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