07 DRZ400SM slip-on exhaust

I threw a Yosh rs-3 slip-on onto my bike about a year ago and am regreting not getting the full system. I am having a hard time tracking down just the head pipe, am I basically stuck with just the slip-on?

Yes....you are stuck with just the slip on.

As I understand it Yosh does not sell just the header.

Even if you could find a Yosh header, it would not fit. The slipon is made to work with the stock header. The Yosh headers have different dimensions. If they didn't they would be able to make more power. Think about it.

I believe the that Arrow make a header that will fit and original exhaust so that should work.

2 options: Search for different exhausts, call them and see if there header will work and is available seperately.


sell the slip on, loads of people out there buying DRZ bits and then buy the RS3, RS 2 or Ti system (ofcourse you could buy something other than Yoshi).

I had a White Bros2 slip on when I bought my sm.I ordered a FMF power bomb header.The slip on almost fit inside the FMF.So I hammered this bolt into the slip on WB.Lucky me it worked just fine.new001.jpgnew006.jpgIt worked out great.

FMF power bomb header is it anygood?? i want to get it with a fmf q2 pipe. like the look of the power bomb header

I did not put it on a dyno,but.I can feel it pulling better.It also has a deeper sound.I'm happy with it.

The FMF header should be comparable to a stock E header. Looks better though(but costs a lot more). If you want max power you want a full system. If you just want more power(then a S or SM header) or better looks, any header that is interchangable with a E header will give you that. But, as mentioned, you will need to enlarge themouth of the slip-on where it meets the header. If it does not need to be enlarged then it will not produce more power.

i just put a powerbomb on mine and mounted it up to my twobros slip on. I had to get my slipon enlarged a little to fit on my header but it worked out fine and definitely pulls alot better and sounds a bit louder as well.

i also just did the same thing just bought the slip on i am wondering does the header pipe make that big of a difference on a four stroke

The header pipe makes more of a difference then the slip-on. That's why a full yosh system with a biga$$ header makes more power then a slip on ever could. An E header is a better choice then an S or SM header. Doesn't really matter whether you go with a stock E header or one by FMF or some other company. Not much difference between them and what difference there is is mostly a matter of "a little more here and a little less there" type thing. But the aftermarket headers do look better then stock E headers so that may be important.

well the powerbomb i put on is HUGE compared to my stock sm header

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