CRF250F vs. Road

alrighty, i gotta 250r that i like to ride trails with, to get to my freinds (the trails) i have to take backroads for about 6 miles. i have a few Questions...

If i put it in 5th gear and Barly touch the throttle for the hole 6 miles..( so pacticly go 40mph the hole way in 5th gear)

will i overheat?

will i kill the valves?

should i pull over and let it rest a bit?

is it alright to keep it at reaaaallly low RPMs in the same gear for awhile?!

thanks, if you have anyother comments refering to this, shoot!



well i do know that you bike will not overheat.

you dont have to let it rest

if you are at a low rpm, your valves wont suffer too much.

i ride my 250r long distances too, and it is fine

allright! good deal! thanks man

Should be just fine. I rode 80 miles of railbeds in one day, from low RPM, to almost rev limiter, and it didn't overheat.

thankx again!

Be sure you're running at least 820cc of trans oil.

ill ride mine up and down the gravel roads, most the time i ride the ditches thoug, but ill vary the load on the motor, open it up, coast, do wheelies, and jump field approaches and just tore the top end apart today and every thing was fine after a whole summer and bout 8 races and every thing is stock

The only thing is, the crf has short legs, so try to keep it under 10,000 because holding it near the limiter for long isn't good for the valves.

i learned that the hard way. i was dragging a cr250 down a hill, 5th pinned bouncing off the limiter. put my bike in my truck. goes to start it the next day, wont even bump start. right intake hit the piston and mushroomed.

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