Clutch problems

On my 2005 WR250f, the clutch doesn't fully disengage until the lever is almost touching the grip. On my brother's RM-Z250, there's enough room to have two fingers on the grip and still have the clutch fully disengaged. I have tried messing around with the clutch adjuster on the bars but it doesn't help much. I have heard that the WR springs are shorter than the YZ springs. Is that the problem? I want to be able to use the clutch and keep two fingers on the bar without messing up my transmission. Any help?

Adjust the clutch cable on the bracket that mounts on the left engine case. You probably need to loosen the back nut and tighten the front nut, then play around with your clutch perch to fine tune it.

when you start to release the clutch lever from the grip, do you start moving forward. my bike did the same, but it wouldn't start moving until a little bit after I started to release the lever.

my point is, if it starts moving immediately, then your problem is the clutch not fully disengaging, but if it takes some cable to get it to engage, then your clutch is disengaging and just not wanting to slip.

Mine did the 2nd with yamalube, switched to Castrol, did the same, switched to Bel-Ray, I can start 'er up on street, immediately put into gear and it wont stall, put her up on a stand, put into gear with the clutch lever in, the wheel will spin, but I can stop it with my foot.

plus Bel Ray makes my trannys shift smoother, less 1st-Neutral not 2nd shifts, runs about 10 degrees cooler on my thermometer(tach has it, quite convenient)

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