spark arrestor fitment

What's going on fellas! I've got an 05 RM 250 and just went from the Pro Circuit R304 silencer to the type 296 nature freindly spark arrestor. My problem is the spark arrestor doesn't mate up like it should. The end cap rests heavily on the side of my rear fender. My subframe isn't bent. Has anyone else encountered this problem. If so what did you do. I'd hate to forsee the future of my baby with a hacked rear fender because I was forced to use a huge spark arrestor. I've attached a photo of my problem. I haven't installed the rubber grommets on the spark arrestor yet. You can clearly see that it still will not clear with the grommets intalled either. HPIM0452.jpg

I haven't had that problem with mine. Are you sure you got the correct one for your ride?

I had the same exact problem on my 03 RM125, I went from the r304 shorty to a PC Nature friendly. Looking at your pic it looks like you have the same setup going with the PC Works pipe, my NF SA however doesnt mount quite lke yours does in the fact that I dont have two mounting points, only the lower one for the subframe.

Mine was touching the rear fender and the mounting location wasnt lining up correctly, I trimmed off a little of the inlet tube to get the holes to line up and added a piece of 1/4" thick rubber to back up the grommet thats inside the SA mount and did a tiny bit of tweaking to the SA mount itself. This got the SA away from the fender and it works fine now, may try that and see if it works for you.

Hers my original posting about it:

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