bar swap

i have a 2004 crf 250 that came stock with renthals, and my 2005 rm 250 i bought last week has renthals. they are both the same model, just different colors and i want to swap them, is this possible.....

bar from suzuki=971,

bar from honday H 971

if that makes a difference

I can't see why not.

thats what i thought, thanks for the help, i was just curious to whether the "H" before the 971 ment anything

They might be a slightly higher bend? You should be able to tell by holding one set over another. They probably won't be very different anyway if they are a high bend bar.

i held them together and they were pretty much the same, except the "H" was actually a little lower than the standard, but im gunna go ahead and swap them, my suzuki came with silver bars with red ends, and the honda has a dark gray bar, so im swapping and putting the dark gray bars on the suzuki and the silver/red bars on the honda

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