What fuel are you using in your CRF250

yes, a knock off in the crf450r forum, but i was wonder what everyone was using in their 250cc unicam.:confused:

i use pump gas because i am poor and stingey.:excuseme: also, what do think of the "octane booster" that you see for sale in most auto part stores.

I run leaded 110 from the pump. best part is it only costs like $1.00 more than regular gas these days

Sunoco 110.

Fill my truck, fill my bike (or jug) - regular 'ole pump gas and she rips.

I use 91 pump.

pump super unleaded, I think its 91 or 93. runs perfect.

91 octane pump gas. Runs excellent.

110. leaded

I forgot to mention I'm running a semi mod motor, and I still have no need for 110. The price is right though :confused:

13.5:1 compression and running 91 Shell or Chevron. I do not recommend running ma and pa gas station gas, Dave at MXtime said I had crud on my valves from cheap gas so nothing now other than the above. BUT, don't waste your money on 100 or 110 if you're below 14:1.

92 pump. impossible to get race gas where i live or anything over 92 unless you order the polaris sled race gas from the dealer.

vp110 straight

Fill my truck, fill my bike (or jug) - regular 'ole pump gas and she rips.

thats my motto right there shift! :confused:

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