Thx to everyone for there help!!!Just finished with water pump and balancer bearings.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for there help!!! This was my first time doing this , i took about 3 hrs total , tore it down one night then ordered parts. I did find out that the previous owner or someone installed one of the seals for the water pump backwards so there was my leak! i replaced the bearing, seals, shaft and did the 06' mod to the impeller while i was there. I also check the counter balance bearings and i ordered new one so i just replaced the right side not the needle. Along with the left and right gaskets for the case and water pump gasket. No leaks just fired it up , i still have a little bit of noise when it is idled down , maybe the cam chain tensioner?? I did the valves , middle of last summer and it only has maybe 6-8 rides on it so... If any one had any ideas let me know i would appreciate it

And thx again to everyone for all there help!!! :excuseme::confused:

I just picked up an 04 and noticed the leak from the weep hole on the water pump. Should I just do the seal or replace everything in there? What parts do I need? Should I do the bearing, seal, shaft and impeller while I'm at it? And is it dangerous to ride before doing this?


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