Xt 250 1981 suspension pivot problem??


My mate has a xt250 1982 we are rebuilding it to its former glory!!

problem is i can't get the swinging arm pivot out?? had a good look can't see anything left in to stop it from coming out? soaked in WD40 tryed a puller and hit it with a hammer!! alot!

Any Ideas??? Thanks rij

WD40 won't do much in that case. Use some PB Blaster along with heat around the bearing areas. Use a brass drift and bigger hammer.

Swingarm pivots can deffinatly be a problem as I've seen them so bad that the whole bike had to be put in a big press to press it out.

Hopefully yours won't be that bad so just keep soaking it with Blaster overnight.


I also had the same problem, I took the split pin out, and it wouldn't budge for anything. Many hits with a hammer loosened it, but I ended up with a pin with a mushroomed end, nothing that a quick grind on the bench couldn't fix. Finally removed it, and smoothed it on the bench grinder. I put a bit of grease on mine in case I ever have to remove it again.

BTW this was on my XT550 project, which has the same shock, just a fatter spring I think, but it's the same setup with a slightly different swingarm.

EDIT: Just read it again, did you mean the long bolt that holds the swingarm to the frame, or the clevis pin that holds the shock to the swingarm? Coz I had trouble removing both :grin:. The bolt holding the swingarm to the frame was difficult to remove, I just persuaded it with a big hammer, then cleaned the bolt on a wire brush on my bench grinder and coated it in grease. This is a common problem with swingarm bolts, no one greases them, so they end up forming surface rust, which wedges it in there. Seen a few bikes during my work experience as a motorcycle mechanic with the problem. Same with axles, not many people grease them.

Thanks guys it coming out now ! slowly! i don't think it ever been out before. rij

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