2007 Ktm 250XC-F

Not sure how to get rid of hesitation down low(off idle throttle). Hear a lot about JD jetting kits, however not sure if they work. Last year dirt rider magazine rode the 2007 xc-f, said it has a bad lean hesitation and takes a while for it to warm up and run clean. They suggested taking out the stock leak jet a plugging it up. They did this and the bike ran great, accordingly to the article. Before i get into this with my bike, i would like to know if this i a valid solution or if need JD or Accelerator pump???

JD is excellent, however the bog is not jetting that is AC pump. Evaluation needs to be under load, engine hot. If in those conditions it bogs go bikker on the leak jet, 40 to 60 range would be the norm

the bike has a stock #70 leak jet

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