My version of XR650R sidepanel vent.

Hole saw in various sizes so I can maintain the structural integrity of the side panels molding ridges. JB weld to hold on vent screens in place. Vent screen taken out of the backfire screen I actually cut out quite well leaving the outer edges i place to hold up my UNI filter.



nice work!:confused:

Did that help at all? Could you tell any performance difference? I was thinking about doing the same thing, thanks for the pics and the JB Weld idea!

Not sure on performance. I'm not sure I'll even be able to tell anyways.

Another idea, less messy than JB weld is the epoxy in the dual cylinder syringe with the self mixing straw! The way I did it I had to do only 2 corners of each of the screen pieces at a time, using a big, big socket to keep it held down with books, and other weights on top of that.

High class job:thumbsup:

Good one! I will be using the Jb weld trick on mine. What is that screen?

great job man!:confused:

Wait wait wait. Let's not gloss over this performance thing. I just got a BRP with the panel in tack and was thinking of doing this, but I want to know if it's going to do anything before I pull out the saw.

I did take it for a test ride with the panel partially off and it didn't seem right. I just chalked it up to bad jetting and/or too much air. My neighbors were starting to look annoyed so I gave up on it for the day. The BRP is kind of like radiation for the hood; I have to dish it out in small doses or the pitchforks and torches come out. Anybody out there have some good before/after data?

That does look like a class act job though. I was thinking 80s Ferrari Testerosa tapered triangle style. :prof:

The screen is the leftover stuff after I cut out some square and triangle sections of the backfire screen; which I left partially intact to support the airfilter.

I would say that if it didn't give noticeable gains then Honda wouldn't do this airbox mod. I figure the 650 gives enough low down torque, why not get some gains up top eh?

I initially thought about doing the triangle style cutouts but thought against it due to the time it would have taken to get it perfect, the uniqueness of various size holes, and that holes would allow me to keep intact the structural integrity of the sidepanel interior ridges. I've also since removed the ugly yellow number plates. When I get my new headlight and front fender I'll post some pics of the actual bike.

Al Baker's XRS only sells a screen kit. I just installed it on my bike.

The kit comes with rivets but i installed it using machine screws. Johnny Campbell's Baja winning XR650R has the kit...on his bike the screen is installed on the inside of the panel. I installed mine on the outside for a flush look. It's trick looking and it definetly opens up your airbox alot more.


pic no worky.

I say why pay for someone else's idea when you can do it yourself?

Yeah, I agree with that. I just need to find a suitable screen for mine.

Another idea, less messy than JB weld is the epoxy in the dual cylinder syringe with the self mixing straw!

I would wonder if the epoxy or JB Weld might seperate from the plastic over time from vibration or it's inability to adhere. Some plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene are difficult to get many types of adhesives to stick to.

Those mixing straws are great. I "borrowed" some from a company I worked at. Where can you purchase them?

I haven't seen those mixing straws for sale on their own just saw them in a set of epoxy at Wal Mart. I don't know why all epoxy tube kits don't include them! It's stupid to mix epoxy and try to apply on your own.

I don't think the JB weld will have a problme adhereing, nor epoxy for that matter. I scuffed the plastic up real good plus I have not been able to get a drop of epoxy off the edge of my smooth, painted Triumph fairing after year and years of it being there and JB weld is even stickier and stronger than epoxy!

As for using the screen, maybe you can find someone on here who has torn out their back fire screen and will give it to you!

That's a nice looking way to make that vent. For the screen, my vent has what looks like heavy duty window screen. I think that could work too. One thing if you make these vents, be sure to duct tape over the hole if you are going to be riding in areas with silt - makes a big difference to keep out silt with the duct tape over it.

If you use a hole saw then run it in reverse. They're designed for wood not plastic. It will make the hole much cleaner.

I posted up my Homemade venting job a while ago because i couldnt figure out the jetting....I ended up looseing power after venting. I quess it was running to lean, it would no longer power wheelie in 2nd, and you had to get into the throttle softly, otherwise it would Bogg. If i cant figure it out i will just try to sell the 2 black panels and get a stock 1.

How did you change your jetting...and do you actually get more power?


wow you got alot of holes there. You might as well be running an open filter. I'll update power later, there's snow this am and I'm cold. Hey you wouldn't still have your backfire screen you want to get rid of would you?

As for running hole saw in reverse...mmmm. I don't know abovut that, never tried it. But I know I could get the same results you're supposing by cutting the hole from the backside instead of the front. I also did a good deal of sanding with various grits of sandpaper to try and get it smooth.

Good clean work. :prof:

you can also use silicone to adhere it. just make sure the surface is really clean.mine turned out very well and it's very strong.

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