In British Columbia Do you need to have a speedo to licence a 650r.

Yes you do,and a horn ,high low beams,blinkers,tail light,front and rear brake light,and a chain guard.Where in bc?

Where do you get a chain guard, is there a after market one or one thats fits from a different bike

I just made one from a bit of sheet metal painted it black zap strapped it on and as soon as it was inspected it went in to the blue box.

Yo,Lucky,... I dont know if this is pertinent information,but when I was assigned to duty in San Diego Ca,I used to get cases of Lucky Lager from the Base liquor store, It was close,so Id go on my XR600r with a milk crate I mounted where the tool pouch goes, and buy it,great price,dam good tasting beer!!My buddy and I would drink a case between us almost every day after duty,and shoot pool in the dayroom,..Big screen TV with full satellite hook up,,,A\C blasting freezing cold,Ping pong table,foos ball,dart board area,it was great!Anyway,does your name have anything to do with Lucky Lager Beer?or is it something else altogether?? Also,I thought Id say Ive been sober now for a little over 5 years,But still,that Lucky Lager was some damn good Beer!!!Man I need a cold one right now!so long as its soda!


#1 Beer on Vancouver Island

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