should i bleed the brakes

I added a brake light switch in my 07wr today, I didnt bleed the brake, it felt fine when i locked it up on test run. should i bleed it anyway? could a bubble let the brake act normal, then appear after a couple bumps? Id hate to have the brake get squishy when im miles in the woods.:confused:

If you opened up the brake line then IMO you should bleed the brake line. There is no way you added a banjo switch and did not introduce air into the system.

There is a trick that does not require it to be 'bled'. Remove the master from the bike, keeping the line attached. There is a small port in the cylinder that when you hold the cuylinder close to horizontal (banjo bolt at the lowest point) and gently diddle the plunger, the air bubbles will go into the master, Hold it right and you can see the bubbles appear in the sight glass.

Hard part in bleeding these bikes is the brake line loop. Being it is a high point, it tends to rtap air and normal bleeding does not make the air travel along to the highest point Traditional bleeding works best when the master is below the caliper, and all fluid paths angle up or holding the master above so all fluid lines travel up and the aird will 'tiny bubbles' exit the port.

FYI, to see the port to understand it, remove the res. cover on your front brake. Very gently squeeze the lever, notice the small jet of fluid that comes up just before the lever becomes hard.

Or bleed it backwards william......

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