XR600R dumping gas

Bought a 95 XR500R a few weeks back. It had been sitting, gas had turned, ran rough. Went thru the carb and cleaned everything up. Checked the float height, needle and seat looked OK. Dumped gas tank. Now runs like a scalded dog...with one exception....Seems like every time I start riding, it cuts out on me once early in the ride and I have gas dumping out of the carb overflow. Once I shut off gas, drain the bowl and start over, it works fine the rest of the ride.

My best guess is that I stirred up some trash in the has tank and it is getting stuck under the needle. Other ideas????

Debree .

I have one of those little in line filter cones for insurance.

To completely clean your carb is pretty tuff alot of times the petcock has dry seals and they will brakedown causing this problem or maybe somthing in the hose

A new needle and seat are a must when your in the carb for an old nasity fuel system clean up.

I beleive you have a need for a new needle and seat as well.

OK...a needle/seat (and probably an in-line filter) it is. Thanks!

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