Need a greenSticker for a new WR426. HELP!!

I live in Southern Cali. I am interested in purchasing a new WR426. But I dont want a red sticket registration. I researched this topic and on the VIN no. you cant have a "3" or a "C" in the eigth position. So, i looked into canadian models because a distant friend of mine bought a new CR250 from there and got a green sticker registration here in CA. When i looked at canadian models the VIN numbers on those bikes also have a "3" or a "C" in the eight position of the VIN number. Now i dont know what to do or whom to get help on this topic. I went to my local Yamaha dealer and they dont know what to do either. I was thinking about going out of state but i dont want to purchase a new bike and them bring it to CA and then find out the DMV issued me a red sticker.. Pleas help some one!! my email is

I purchased a 01WR426 about three months ago. I asked the same question. One solution is to register your bike out of state. You can do this very easy if you register it in Vermont. They will issue a license plate just like a dual sport and you don't have to live there. Once that is done you are not subject to the green or redsticker. You can download the forms online and it cost about 50$ and takes about a month. I had planned to do that but after asking some rangers it seems that the redsticker will not be enforced in many but not all areas. I rode Gorman the last two weekends and all the rangers were worried about was sound. Ballinger on the other hand will check for the redsticker. I have also read that Hollister Hills will not be enforcing the redsticker. Good luck and let me know how you do.

Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a good idea. Can you notify me through email so i can get more information about this. I would really appreciate it.


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