2007 XR650L I got SCREWD!!!

Just an FYI

currently the feds are 2 years behind California. California got new rega in 2006 and 2008. The 2006 Cali regs went federal in 2008 and the 2008 Cali regs will go federal in 2010. These sets of changes are primarily evaporative in nature. Stopping the gas that evaporates 24/7/365 whether the bike is ridden or not.

If this works, I have the before (with California smog) and after smog-ectomy pics.




Looks like technology didn't kick my butt today! In the top pic, just below the left wing is the charcoal canister for the California models.


Excuse me while I hijack this thread.... Nice bike Purcell. Where'd you get the tank graffics?

Question on the mods: We live in the great gay state of California (stuck here, kids ya know) and were wondering if anyone know how stiff the cops were with desmogged bikes?

I am not certain, but I'd say there isnt much threat of "smog cops" pulling over modded L's looking for "violations".

Thanks Itchykawa. I got them from the Chaparral catalog, www.chaparral-racing.com


Thanks - Maybe the best looking graffics I've seen.

yas knows - after buying almost any new car and or bike I always have buyers remorse and hear of better deals. Some times I feel like ya - I got screwed. But then after all is said and done and you have done your home work and go into a dealership and buy the bike - knowing the MSRP etc and YOU get it at what seems reasonable to you, not to mention you want that new bike .... BAD. what the hell, you made the purchase to the best of your ability and someone out there somewhere probably did better - some worse! The sales prices are set but alot of different econmic factors, that are peculiar to your area. Bottom line HONDA is not going to loose money, they may even sell at invoice maybe below and they STILL make money.

Bottom line enjoy your new ride and forget about what you paid for it. What's done is done.

Oh so much California Love here! Haha!

Some smog rules are federal not state. But i know one thing if people keep talking about altering this equipment on their BRPs then they will start to make us get inspections like they are doing with the diesel trucks to make sure they are not altered.


                       Just a thought you know everything is monitored by the Feds. 

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