I need a spoke!!!

Hey Guys,

I was washing my bike this evening and I saw that I had a busted spoke (part of the threads busted off inside the nipple). I was looking on parts fiche and was going to order another one...but you can only buy a complete spoke set :) Do any of you guys have one spoke and nipple lying around that I could buy from you? I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. Feel free to email me at motoman393@hotmail.com or give me a call @ 281-482-2522 Thanks,


BTW here is a pic of the busted spoke http://mx393.tripod.com/spoke.html

Im sure one of you guys have an old spoke lying around? Any of you guys that have had busted hubs have a stock spoke/nipple? I would appreciate it ALOT!


I can get a spoke (and nipple) in the mail for you tomorrow. What's your address? email me:


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Garrett, I assume you need a rear. I have fronts if anyone needs one.

scott F,

kfrosty on the YZ426 side needs a front spoke/nipple! Im sure he will contact you when he reads this.


scott h,

Garrett Berg

424 Meadow Bend Drive

Friendswood, TX 77546

This is what TTalk is about, helping other riders. Let me know if yall need anything! Thanks,


Hey...While were on this subject....Has anyone used the FASST Spoke Torque wrench? I just ordered one this morning because I bought a front wheel lock for my trailer and the first time I used it the bike fell over bending about 4 of my spokes. I think I overtorqued them when I straightened and tighnened them back up causing a side to side wobble in my front wheel. I figured that I should do it right an re-torque the entire wheel, hoping it will come back straight again.

Bonzai :)

do you still need a spoke?? (rear, right??)


I got one coming in the mail right now! Thanks,


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