Suspension Settings... Where to start?

I just picked up a 06 WR450F with 0 miles and am doing the free mods and other inexpensive stuff this coming week (AIS removal, JD Jetting Kit, Pro-Motor Billet Exhaust insert, YZ Throttle Stop Screw, etc.) before I break it in next weekend.

My question is concerning Suspension. I'm 6'5" and 205lbs; the naturally soft suspension on the WR I believe is going to be extremely soft due to my weight. I plan on doing some hair-scramblers (for fun, being in my late 30's, I'm not planning on killing myself on this thing).

Using the factory setting as the baseline, any good recommendations from this group on where I should tentatively start with all the settings? I know I need to stiffen it up, and that fine-tuning will be up to my riding preference, but would really welcome some thoughts here.


I also weigh 205 and couldn't overcome the fact that the stock springs are too light for that weight. I went to a 5.6 rear spring and .48 fork springs and now it's really good!

i too went with stiffer springs,and then the fun comes setting up the dampning for your riding style and you should be pretty good, others pay big bux for re-valving but i think they are more serius into racing then me

I agree with Idaho and Mountain. The right spring rate is essential, otherwise you'll constantly be chasing your tail for the right setting.

In terms of re-valve - it's the best money i spent on my bike. I'd do it again. I only use my bike for club day enduros/hare scrambles and trail rides. If you do get a re-valve make sure you wait until your suspension's run in.

I have changed my springs only and can get the settings ok for each type of riding with a few adjustments, but not one setting will work for different situations though unfortunately.

i kept my springs the same and added 350cc of oil total

225lbs 5'11 and it works for me

these guys are right, you will need some stiffer springs, but there are a few things you should do in the mean time -

first, spend some time setting your sag to the correct settings.

second, go to the suspension section of the tech articles here in thumpertalk and go through the procedure for setting your compression and damping clickers.

it won't be perfect, but it will be better than your stock settings until you can get some stiffer springs.

im at 6'4 , 215lbs

i went to a .56 race tech spring on the rear and left the front alone just because i ride more desert rocky trail than track.

i added extended cables and atv high bars also. now the suspension is working great but the steering is too slow for my liking.

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to see what I can get out of it this weekend with making some adjustments to the stock springs/etc. I did check out the Suspension section and found some helpful hints on the rear sag settings.

I've never really worked on springs before, so this will be a learning experience for me (as is just about everything else so far).


Man, when I changed my fork oil for the first time (2006 WR450), it was stock from the factory stuff, it came out goopy-like not oil at all, so I'd say change your fork oil right away if you can.

I changed my oil after about a year, it was my pops bike and he rode it only about a half dozen times.

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