650L go then no go


My bike just began acting up on me. I can ride for about 4 to 5 minutes and then it just cuts off. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and it will usually crank right back up, then run for about a minute or 2 then cut right back off. Even if I try to keep it fired by giving more throttle it still cuts off. I pulled the spark plug to do a spark test, It was kind of bright outside, and I saw a SMALL spark and got a small shock. I dont know if it should be sparking more than it was but it was sparking when trying to start the bike, Also, I dont think it may have been sparking every time. Im not sure. I just modded the carb 55/158 jetting, shimed needle, and drilled slide, removed snorkle and UNI Air. Where should I start to look to fix this problem? Thanks for the help. :confused: JOHN

When bikes stop as you speek first check the gas tank cap vent then the kill switch I have had to WD40 my switch on the right bar several times .Flip it back and forth a bunch of times while wet with WD.

The kill switch usualy shows it's ugly face by not starting at all .

Pull out the resistor on the plug cap and check it out.,,or just replace it with a piece of brass.

Lemme guess, is it a '93-'94? Sounds like a bad CDI to me. Easy fix, just buy a new $100 CDI.

Could be lack of fuel, esp. given its an '02, making it less likely its the CDI.


I go tthe bike 3 weeks ago from a guy who had not ridden it in 3 years. Last weekk was when I did all of Daves Mods, and gave the carb a GOOD cleaning( It needed it). So today I took off the kill switch as was mentioned and everything looked good, but I still hit the inside of it with a shot of WD40, then I figured I would move to the gas tank, I drained the tank, and removed the fuel cut off valve and the fuel filter. The filter was dirty, had what looked to be maybe particles of rust on the filter, so I cleaned it up, washed out the inside of the tank with fresh fuel, reinstalled everything, and got her fired up, I rode for about 2 hours and everything was fine, Maybe I fixed it, maybe it is waiting to happen agan the next time I ride. Thanks for the suggestions, and is there anything else that I may need to check that I skipped over... JOHN

Bikes that sit for long will dry seals in a few weeks you may see seals fail

Fork seals ,petcock,head gasket,carb O rings and your first concern the neddle and seat float shutoff.some tips are rubber

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