Change Your Fork Oil........ roommate, who's replacing my fork oil and seals, just called me. Says my fork oil has turned into some jelly type sludge stuff :)..........just a reminder to change your fork oil :D.


Dodger :D :D

How often should we do it?


I did mine last week and the oil came out like that, i put it down to water contamination, from now on i'll do it every 1000ks. feels much smoother now.

I think you may be right with the water contamination hypothesis. I remember my dad's old international tractor, the rear hydraulic lifter oil looked the same in the spring because we were not using the tractor at all during the winter season and that is what we concluded...anyway.


FORK oil?!!! Who woulda thunk to look there! :) Is that what 2-stroke oil is for? UP-DOWN, UP-DOWN, UP-DOWN.... :D

I've heard comments like that from a guy that attends "train club" :)

I change mine every 6 - 8 months but you could get away with once a year

I am fussy about my suspension and I believe I can feel the difference with new oil

I havent had mine a year, i got on 14 feb 2002 a year is too long. go by milage folks!!!!

Huh! Change fork oil according to mileage??? I've had the thing for 3 months and have already changed 3 fork seals......... The oil ain't a problem....... :)

My fork seals started leaking on the second ride, i've been feeler gauging them for 4500ks, i've fitted honda forkseals now so see how they go

What type of terrain are you riding in Melbourne? Is it mud and rocks? Hopefully someday I'll find out for myself. I missed my cahnce in the military when a port call to Perth was cancelled.


Click on the banner ad found somewhere here on TT. They are called SealSavers. The absolute best aftermarket part ever made for those crappy Yamaha fork seals. I have had mine on for over a year and no weeping of oil yet.

(I suggest clicking on the banner ad though so TT gets credit)

The only thing Im worried about now is what you guys are talking about. Not changing my fork oil very often because the seals ARE NOT leaking!

I ride about a hundred (woods) miles a week on average. I change the fork oil about every 6 months. Fork seal condition and and fork oil changing, in my opinion, have nothing to do with each other. I've only had to change the fork seals once in the 2-1/2 years I've had the bike but I've changed the fork oil at least five times. It's not difficult, just a little time consuming because you have to take so much off just to replace the fork oil.

You know what Nike says: "Just Do It"

We have got everything, depending which area we want to go,we've got slippery greasy hills to fast wide open trails were the 426 was invented for.

No doubt about it the mud makes the seals leak worse, i have a set of seal savers but i never fitted them, cant bring myself to leaving the top slider off.

bule beast,

Yo dont have to leave the top slider off.

Check it out...



Just push the guide together a little harder and the neoprene will squeeze down and you can put the screw in with no problem.

Thank's i'll put em on.

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