Pro Moto Billet SA Problems

SO I've got about 12 hours on the PMB endcap and the Spark Arrestor screen separated from the metal rim that holds it in place. I purchased a new one for what seemed like too much money and installed it and got to looking around and noticed that it rattled slightly inside the endcap. I tried putting some RTV Sealant on both sides of the SA Flange and we'll see what happens. I'm thinking that it just rattled apart. Anyone else having problems?


No problems with mine and it's got a lot more than 14 hrs on it. Mine has a machined out section that the SA seats into nicely and doesn't allow any rattling. You sure you've got it in correctly?

yeah, just doesn't fit real snug I guess. Try sticking your finger in there and see if you can rattle the SA around, let me know what happens.

On my way out to the back in a couple:thumbsup:

Absolutely no movement of my SA. It's tight like a tiger. I wonder if they went a little deep on the machining of yours and it doesn't fit snugly. I bet the silicone will make up the difference.

If not, I'd contact PMB and see what they'll do.

Thanks for the second opinion. I'll see what happens with the new one, must have been a machining problem.

Funny man....I just checked out your bike in your garage and we run the same number...random....


Where in OR are you?

I'm in La Grande now, I had to switch numbers for the OMRA racing series but will always be partial to the #44.

The only problem Ive had with my pmb endcap was that I rounded out the head on one of the allens. Be sure to anti-seize them. Now I have to find new ones.

I had about 1 hour on mine, and all but 5 of the rivets had sheared off. not sure what the problem is.

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