GYTR AIS Removal Kit/Jets & Muffler insert opinions

Looking for opinions on the GYTR AIS Removal Kit/Jets & GYTR Muffler insert. I just did this mod (including airbox & grey wire) on my '07 WR450 and the bike rips. I guess my question is, with the kit coming with specific jets (no options), 175 main I think, what is the opinion of the performance of this kit. Like I said, the bike seems to rip but this is my first bike (coming from the 4 wheel world, Raptor 660 no mods) and I'm not really into jet tuning, which is why I bought this particular kit, no guessing. I ride mostly on Phoenix trails, some Dunes, some up north riding when it gets hot (Elevation around 5000-7000). In addition to general opinions of this mod, will I HAVE to rejet to ride decent up north?

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