replacing the $20 junk stock chain

I have the latest edition of Motocross Action Magazine (April 2008). on page 17th, they show a sprocket with a lifetime guarantee. The Sidewinder Titanium II sprocket, they say that if you wear it out they will replace it for free. Price is US$129.99

If anybody is up for it, let us know about it.


The different materials being used for rear sprockets is interesting, especially the Titanium. Sounds like a great choice as it's very tough and very light.

The use of stainless is interesting but the first question that arises in my mind is "what kind of stainless?". There are many grades of stainless steel out there. Some more corrosion resistant than others. Some harder, some softer. Simply saying it's stainless is very vague. Tell me it's 17-4 PH heat treated to H1025 condition and I know exactly what the properties are. Otherwise who knows what it is... One thing for sure though, any SS is much heavier than titanium or aluminum.

As far as Aluminum goes, 7075-T6 is good stuff. This is what the term "aircraft aluminum" truely refers too. It's harder and more wear resistant than the commonly used 6061-T6. Even better would be using forged 7075-T6. Is it more wear resistant than titanium or for that matter, any grade of stainless? ....... no, it is not. But what is extremely wear resistant is "hard anodize" The only problem with a hard anodized surface is, it's very thin. If anodized per MIL-F_8625F Type III (typical aircraft application), the max thickness is .0045" and it can be as thin as .0005". So what you have is a very hard BUT very thin surface. Once you wear through the surface, you're back to the properties of the 7075 parent material.

So, which sprocket material is best???

I'll give the Titanium a try..... --RR

I would also give the Ti a try....listen 129.00 bucks is approx what 2 alum renthals/Tags/AFAM etc.... cost....but with a lifetime guarantee - I would go this route over the 1year guarantee that Ironman has on their SS sprockets, and save some weight......

or you can buy a 25.00 JT Steel sprocket that is very, very heavy and never wears out..even when you want to.


The stock chain stretches faster than a rubber band with gas on it!

Anything of any quality is better!

Good Luck!


The ironman is nickle plated chromoly steel. Excellent sprockets, been using them myself for several years.

Something like a JT steel sprocket will indeed last a very long time, though they can double as a boat anchor when they're worn out. If you just joy ride then the few extra pounds is probably no big deal, especially for the price difference. But something like the Ironman will give you the life of hard steel but without the weight penalty of something like the JT.

RK GB520 MXZ if you don't want to run an o-ring. This chain is very good.

DID ERV3......

another vote for the DID 520 ERV3.

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