Keyed ignition switch smoking....I need some help.

I isntalled a keyed ignition switch on my bike, ive got the battery hot to the battery post, ive got the rest of the outs to the "ignition" post. I hooked up the two leads from the kill switch and it started smoking. I kiilled it instantly. I need to know which wire is hot and which is ground from the stock kill switch. Is it normally open?

Stock kill switch goes to ground.

What kind of bike are you working on?

Oh, Im sorry. Its a 426. Hmmm, I dont know how i could make my keyswitch normally open and close when i turn it on. Unless the post in the middle does that.

Your ignition is not battery operated. As built, the kill switch is normally open, and completes a circuit to ground when pressed. To key that, you would need a key switch that was closed in the lock position, and open in the unlocked. Never connect battery current to any pole on you CDI without knowing for certain that it belongs there.

haha, Im damn lucky that I didnt fry the CDI. Im going to have to use a different switch for my master power. And the key for JUST the ignition wires.

Well, if there was smoke, something is damaged. Electronics run on smoke, once you let it out, they don't work anymore :confused:

It only smoked for a split second. Ive put about 2 hours on the bike since and there has been no problems.

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