Any tricks for getting airboot on carb 08YZ450f?

I unbolt the air box form the sub frame when I want the sub off, and just leave it there. Stays on while I take the shock off, too. Putting the air box back on by itself is easy, shock or no shock.

But speaking of the shock, how are all you guys who are suggesting that the shock needs to be out of the way installing the shock after the sub frame is back on?

The shock will come out (and go back in) easily with upper subframe bolt removed and the lower ones loosened.

I just did mine this weekend.It was very cold in the garage,so I used a heat gun on the boot,and it went on quite easy.I had the top bold on the subframe,but the bottom bolts were off.I would definately not want to use any sort of lubricate other than contact cleaner.

This sounds funny but I heat the boot with a hair dryer and always goes right on.

I had problems in the past and got that tip from a guy at Yamaha.



I do something very similar in the winter. I have one of those round kerosene heaters in the shop. I hold the subframe and airboot over the heater like I'm cooking marshmallows. After about 1-2 minutes the boot is nice and soft and it slides right on. In the summer I use the heat gun if the boot is not cooperating. Before learning this trick it would sometimes become a 1 or 2 beer project just to get the boot back on.

Ok, no chocolate and graham cracker--smores jokes!!

I've never had a problem with this, but use a thin, very, very, very thin coat of grease. Just moisten it and it will slip right on. I have done this on my last 4 bikes, from years 06-09. Works everytime.

I always just slip the boot on before I try to bolt the subframe at all. Once the boot is on the carb, then bolt up the subframe. Carb cleaner helps for sure.


Jeff, this is the same way I do it.

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