backfire screen

wondering if I should remove the inlet screen in the airbox on my XL600R. whatcha think - (yes it is rejetted with a stage 1 DJ kit and bigger pilot)

why? i doubt youll notice a difference in power. i wouldnt if it were me, but thats just me.

I Replaced Mine Because They Like To Bend And Shoot Through The Engine.your Talking About The Choke Plate Right?

nope this is the screen that is fitted in place in the airbox, sits in fornt of the air filter, thought it may breathe better without it, those screens are pretty densely woven. I removed the one on my XR250R - don't know what it really did for it, as I rejetted etc all at the same time, I would like to think - it just makes for easier breathing.

Removing the backfire screen does very little to increase power, if any. What it does is allow the carb to get a big gulp of air when needed at low rpms, without stalling or flame-out issues. It improves throttle response a noticable amount, IF the jetting is spot on.

Okay well I am gonna leave it in then. The DJ kiet came with a 128 main for the left carb and I installed a 132 in the right, from the stock 115 left and 122 right, also installed the 2 DJ needles with the e-clip in the top groove, as stated in the instructions. Ran the air fuel screw out 2 turns from bottom. Man are those dual carbs a pain in the butt - hope it's all good! I am also installed a FMF powercore IV pipe on it. Hope all this makes the XL660R a rip snortin beast!

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