Lost Air Cut Valve O ring

I lost the tiny O ring inside the air cut valve cover. Normally I am alot more careful. I was in a rush to get done w/the carb before the wife got home and complained that I was working on motorcycle parts on the kitchen table again. I have looked in the manual and on parts fish, none of them numbers this part.

Has anyone replaced this before? Can you get it from a dealer?

You could always disactivate your acv altogether and seal it up. I simply reversed the diaphragm so that the pin resides in the spring. Some claim that sealing your O-ring hole was also necessary...

After sealing my acv, I only had to switch to a #38 PFJ from a #42, or you could try switching to a #100 PAJ (or thereabouts) as on the non-acv's...

It now runs much better at low speeds and idle is stable and adjustable, with no back-firing problems whatsoever.

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