camp out and ride may 18th stonyford

We are putting a ride/camp out at stonyford on the 18th of may if anyone wants to go, camping at davis flat ride sat, sunday, it should be a geart time for all bring wifes and kids lots of trails and play area.


I'll be there! :)

A camping trip that is long over due. We look foreward to seeing everyone there.

Wife, kid, and two dogs + bikes :)


Good deal Huge I was hopeing you would go.See you there and see if mike can make it.



I never did thank you for the great ride with Paul, Clark, Tony, Steve and Randy. 62 miles of Stonyford, awsome. I hope to make it on the 18th.

Rick :)

Well if Rick is going to try and make it then I will try too. With Monty, Paul, Huge, Brian and a few others how could I miss this. I get off work that morning at 6am and could leave from there and be at Stonyford for the first ride or nap and do the second ride depending on how I feel. I'm in.


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Hey Guys, I might try and get out there too. Wife, kid, one tent.


M,A hope you can make it, it will be good to ride with you again only no jumps this time.


Would like to make it to meet some new riding partners, but have to work :) I am trying to get a day ride together for the 12th of may, anyone interested?

Yes Monty, it would be nice to ride with you guys again too. No jumps on those tight trails. That was a hard lesson.

Mitch can't make the 12th got to get ready for the 18th why don't you go on both weekends I'll show you some good trails and fun ones.


Just curious why you guys arent coming to Hangtown National?

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