Help! What to do with my forks/shocks? - yz400 '99

Hey guys,

I have a '99 yz400, and my front forks and rear shocks are gone.

If i press down on the seat, it will go down a bit and then just stop there, wont return back unless i manually lift it up again myself.

Same with the fronts, press it down and it just stay's there...

So, riding it is really stiff, i feel every bump, especially hard on my hands/arms, and the bike tends to bounce off too hard from rocks/rough terrain.

Im only a novice, and ride woods only, so would love a nice soft suspension setup, what id like to ask is the following:

1). Should i attempt in rebuilding this myself? I tend to do a lot of things on my own, so if i can do this without any special tools required, i would love to give it a go, but if the cost's would be too great, maybe it would be easier to give to a dealer?

2). (here in australia, a shock rebuild goes around AU$300, this is what i was told by a mate that got his done), so for both front and rear id be looking at double that! so you understand why i would like to save some money if i can.

Now, the bonus with giving it to some1 in the know, would be that they could set up the shock/forks to whatever i like, so if i tell them my weight and riding style, id be getting a setup to suit me, while if i rebuild it myself, i would just get the same setup the yz400 came with spec wise.

3). Was looking at ebay and seen a few forks/shocks off different models of bikes, like shocks from yz250/426 etc.. but i do not know if these would fit my bike and if its a good idea? being second hand and all...

Any place in USA that sell forks/shocks that would be a reasonable price that also ship?

What would you do in my situation?



Simply based on the age of the bike I would recommend that you have the forks/shocks serviced by an experienced suspension guy. You will notice a huge difference and it will be money well spent. A dirt bike with good suspension is a joy to ride.

Aside from that, make sure that all your bearings (swingarm, linkage, and shock) are in good order and well greased. Wasted bearings will prevent the rear suspension from returning to the top.

For the forks, make sure that they are not bound by improper alignment. Remove axle and clean and grease it. Replace your axle, tighten the axle nut, bounce the forks a few times then tighten the axle pinch bolts.

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