Bike Pops A Little After Being Dumed In A Little Water

I Had To Take The Bike Out This Weekend And I Was Riding An Old Logging Road When I Came Upon A Large Puddle.i Started Through It And It Was Much Deeper.i Tipped The Bike On Its Left Side But Picked It Right Back Up And Kicked It Once And It Fired Up.rode Great For The Few Miles I Rode Home.then The Next Day I Kicked And And It Fired But Popped A Few Times Then Ran Fine.i Just Wanted To Know If I Should Be Concerned.the Only Other Thing Thats Happening Is The Grip Is Now Slipping On The Throttle After It Got Wet.

The popping was probably not related to getting it wet.

As father Guido Sarducci would say, coincidenza.

And where did you find a puddle? It never went above freezing this weekend...


a sprinkling of water upon the membrane of an airfilter then drawn into the engine will indeed make a hiccup or two...

I Was Riding Down By The Recyling Center On The Old Logging Was A Puddle For Sure And Damn The Bike Is Heavy When Its On Its Side.rode Great Though.can't Wait For The Weather To Break.

personally you should take the filter out and clean it up, look for any signs of water still in there. Drain your carb also. I would check your lower drain plug in the engine to see if any got into the engine, dont think a quick drop matters and say "nah it cant get in the engine that fast" you never know. Alot easier to maybe treat it like it got sumbmerged right now and drain and change oil and fuel also. dont wanna get stranded somewhere down the road. pull cover from battery and dry that out also. Easy fix just a little time, maybe an hour or so and you should be golden just like you were before you went scuba diving with your L


LOL that is Martin and SPLOOGE helping me out one time when i went scuba diving!!

The Only Thing That Was Submerged Was The Throttle Side Handlebar.i Picked It Right Up Kicked It Once And Rode Like Nothing Ever Happened.the Bike Popped Maybe Twice And Has Ran Great From Then On.

ok if your satisfied theres no water in the air filter or carb then thats up to you, water is fun till you fall in it LOL

I Will Change The Oil Only Because I Just Got It And I Am Not Sure When It Was Last Done.i Will Also Pull The Cover Since Its Getting Cold Again And Check The Air Filter.thanks Just Wanted To Make Sure It Wasn't Something To Be Concerned About.

Isn't It A Lot Of Effort To Capitolize Every Word In Your Replies? :confused:

Sorry I Have To Have It On For Work.

Do you write headlines for a newspaper?

Sorry, couldn't resist :-P


How'd You Guess????

No I Work For Gm And All Our Part Numbers Are In Caps.

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