more than routine maintenance xr650l

hey guys, i really enjoy reading through these forums and have used a lot of the info on my bike. ive got a 06 xr650l with about 4200 miles on it. ive done the routine maint thats in the owners and repair manual at about the required mileage. i was wondering what i should be doing on top of the routine maint. what ive done is mainly lofs, air filter cleaning, valve clearance check did not require adj, rear tire change with several chain adj and lube, and other minor checks and adjustments. thanks in advance for the info.:confused:

As far as the engine goes there isn't really anything else needed unless something breaks.

The rest of the bike can use some work though. All the bearings in the swingarm, linkage can be taken apart cleaned of all the old grease and re greased. Put the moly paste on the shock spherical bearings. Same clean and re grease treatment for the steering head bearings. I changed my wheel bearings a few years ago. The old ones were still good, but I figured that since they are cheap I would do it before they fail.

lube your cables, clutch pull will be alot easier and make it more fun to ride. A cable luber works awesome and there about $10, most people neglect that.

Check the wheel bearings, swingarm, linkage bearings. The stock wheel bearings are not double sealed bearings and come from the factory under greased.

I just did all my bearings this past weekend, wheels/linkage/swingarm. Wheels were junk but the others were ok needed grease, I put new ones in anyway. My XRL is an 06 with 7700 miles.

thanks guys, is there one grease thats the best for the bearings? and so i need to clean and repack the wheel, swingarm, and steering head bearings, do they all use that same grease? i forgot to mention the cable lubing, did that today! thanks again

i use a waterproof grease Maxima actually, theres alot that work fine but try to get a waterproof one for sure.

I think the service manual calls out a moly grease. Like Denn10 there are a lot that will work, but his suggestion of waterproof is good.

I think the service manual calls out a moly grease. Like Denn10 there are a lot that will work, but his suggestion of waterproof is good.

Most any grease will work. Honda calls out a special moly paste in certain places, like the shock bearings. I think that it is 60% MoS2. It is great stuff and is available from any Honda dealer.

Keep an eye on your spokes. The XRs are heavy and wheel care is important. Thump your spokes occasionally and snug any loose ones.

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