I am having some trouble with over heating. It happened twice. Both times was at low speed and idle. I did a search and now want some opinions. Engine Ice, Water Wetter or maybe another product or idea. Any pros or cons you know about would be great.

You need to first determine the cause of your over heating. The coolant in the bike should be sufficient to keep it from happening on a routine basis. I'm sure you've looked for the obvious such as blockages behind the radiator shrouds and the like. The next thing I would check is the impeller. The stockers have been known to break a blade or two. If your at this point you might as well change the Coolant anyway. I use Engine Ice and it does a good job, But the original coolant did ok at $8.00 per gallon vs $16.00 per gallon for the ICE. Removing the cover "gently" from the water pump and you should be able to reuse it. If any of the impeller blades ore damaged replace the impeller with an aftermarket, anything but a stock replacement.

Bonzai :)


Just the basics. These things don't have fans. If you're not moving, it isn't cooling. If you run it at idle for more than a few minutes, it will boil over, although you may not notice because it will probably just burp it back into the overflow tank under the rear fender.

The leaner you are, the hotter it runs. When I follow my daughter on trails, I richen it up a little on the pilot and needle because I stop a lot and usually am going slow. When I ride with boys I have to stretch to keep up with, I can lean it back to get the snap back without worrying because I have enough air flow to cool it.

Tell what you call overheating, feels hot, hot enough not to start, antifreeze all over trail? The best bet for cooling is plain distilled water from the grocery store at $.69 a gallon. Add a little oxidation inhibitor if you leave it in there long. Cools better than ethylene glycol mix, propylene glycol mix, or engine ice. DO NOT LEAVE JUST WATER IN IF ANY CHANCE OF FREEZING, DON'T FORGET THIS WINTER. Sorry for yelling.

Good luck,


Thanks for the replies. I have been on here for a couple of weeks now, reading all that I can. I have seen both of you guys post a lot and it is obvious you both know your stuff and your opinions are held in high regard. The two times it over heated I could hear the fluid boiling in the radiator. Also the reservior was filled and boiling. A small amount of fluid was dripping from one of the tubes at bottom of engine. It had set and idled a few minutes both times. The first time it did it I was on the trail. I got off the really slow stuff and picked up the pace and it seemed fine. Second time in the driveway and I shut it off immediately. I just wondered if anyone else had overheating conditions at super slow speeds and idle for a period longer than five minutes. I also talked to someone and learned that I was using the wrong fuel. I had bought 5 gallons of a Phillips race fuel. It was oxygenated and had 101 octaine. I now have been told that oxygenated fuel is a huge no-no and it would definately cause the engine to run hot. I ran about three gallons through it and have now drained the remainder. By the way the impeller was fine. Everything else seemed ok as well. I'm chalking it up to the oxygenated fuel and much stopping and idleing conditions. I guess I thought that since it was water cooled I wouldn't have to worry. I will be watching it close though. Once agian. Thank you. I'm sure I'll have more dumb questions later.

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