new guy here just finished 2006 wr450 project

2006 wr450 following mods: pro cycle street legal kit,08 wr450 front headlight works connection frameguards,radiator braces,clarke 2.8 gallon tank , boysen quickshot, adjustable air/fuel screw,renthal spocket/chain 52/13 kit, maier woods pro aluminum handguards,protaper evo woods hi bend with pro taper oversize bar adapters, baja designs rear led tailight.gutz racing tall seat foam and cover. one industries graphic kit,jardine exhaust/free,I searched this thread for tall seat ideas and handlerbar options and got tons of great ideas which helped me out alot ,thanks TT



bikes006.jpg ride the new off of it!

Welcome, that headlight is the sheeeeeeeeeeeot!

Hi there, the bike looks great, what do you think of the 13/52 gears, must be an animal on the acceleration, i have a 52 to put on the back, but was thinking of the 13 on the front as well, i tried just the 52 on the back but my chain was too short



thanks,is a animal thats for sure ,hard to keep the front end down but works great for the type of riding i do,tight 40-50 mile loops , rob the mirror is from acerbis runs about $15

Thanks you! I had asked at Halls about one for my Husky, but they didn't know what I was talking about! Now I can even send a picture :prof:

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