CCC Michigan Rites of Spring

Anyone going to the Rites of Spring this coming weekend? Even if you are not going anyone have their latest CCC magazine with the directions? My beagle puppy ate the magazine including directions. Could someone post, email or scan the page with directions for me? Thanks.

Pooley, I got this off of their web site:


If you are planing on attending the Rites of Spring at Whiskey Creek on May 4 & 5, Please note that Carr's Rd. is closed for road construction west of Baldwin. Please plan your route to travel north of Baldwin to US10 West to Walhalla, turn south on Walhalla Rd. go 5 1/2 miles to Hawley Rd., turn west then go 1 3/4 miles to Woods Trail then south to Whiskey Creek.

I am not sure yet if me an the wife and 12yr old son will make it or not yet.

If you need their web site go to my Michigan off-road racing forum page here:

The link to CCC of michigan is at the bottom, please sign up for the forum if you have the time.


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