Small Hands

i have realy short fingers and small hands. when im riding only the very tips of my fingers touch the clutch lever. i have to almost remove my grip from my bars just to get the lever to pull in. i took my buddy's crf250 for a ride yesterday and the bars felt much smaller in diameter even though we run the same grips. and his levers were alot closer to the bars. does anyone else here have my problem? and what aftermarket bars/levers/grips would be beneficial to me? also any tips on how to lighten the clutch pull as much as possible would help me alot.


ASV levers are adjustable for reach. The clutch lever can be purchased either as a complete perch combo with the hot start mounted low, or as a blade only for installation into the stock perch.

Thanks grey

ASV is one approach or you can install adjustmet bolts into the stock levers that will bring the levers closer to the bars...a trick we did when my former wife rode a YZ125:thumbsup:

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