What body size is good for WR426???

Hello im new to Thumpertalk. I'm 21 6'1 165lbs from California and I'm planning on purchasing a new WR426. I've owned ATC's and Quads but this is my first dirt bike purchase. I dont know if the WR426 is to big for me. I was looking into the WR250, it would satisfy me for the first couple of months but after I wouldnt be happy with it and i would want something stronger. I'm a quick learner and I always want something faster. So i rather just get into a WR426 rather then buying a WR250 and then selling it to get a WR426. That would just be a waste of money since im in college and in need for money. Some people have said it would be to big for me. But i really want to get it. So please let me know what you guys think. I really appriciate it. Thanks!

my suggestion-by a yz250 instead of the 426 and you'll love it. if you need to go further on a tank of gas you can just put a bigger tank of it. I've got a WR250, and a yz426 and my kid has a yz250, so i've got time on them all. I do love my 426 though.

At 165lbs the YZ/WR250 will have more than enough power for you. The YZ/WR 250 is a high performance bike - you won't be disappointed. I've seen a guy my size, 6'4"/255lb, on a YZ250F give KTM520s fits in the tight stuff. The only place the 250 was at disadvangage was the straight fire roads.


Welcome to ThumperTalk.com

As far as physical size goes, the WR250 and WR426 are virtually identical seat height and length wise... the 250 is lighter, and that seems to make a difference to people, being able to flick the bike around... you are not the heaviest dude out there, so the 250 will have plenty of power - don't underestimate it, esp. once the free mods are made...

It really depends on your style and territory for riding - the 426 does have more power, but is a bit more of a beast to throw around...

Try and ride both and then make a decision...

See you around here again if you get the 426...


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