Check this out. TrickDualSport is helping support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation by matching your gift. In addition, if an individual raises $2000 they will give them a FREE dual sport kit! How cool is that???? Here is the offer, copied from their website:

We at Angel Scientific Products, Inc., the co-developers of the Trick Dual Sport kit, have been involved with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, PBTFUS, for many years. Up to now we have set money aside from each order for this cause.

Recently the daughter of a very good friend has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the brain stem. She was fine one day and then the next she couldn't feel her leg and had slurred speech. Two-thirds of the cancer victims with her type of tumor don't make it one year from the time of detection. This is horrifying. I can't even fathom not having my kids to ride with next year!

At this point we will step up our efforts to raise funds and awareness for the PBTFUS. The entire price of five basic kits sold will be donated to the PBTFUS. In addition

We will be asking each customer at the point of purchase if they will donate to PBTFUS. Angel will match this donations up to $25 per kit.

If an individual collects and sends us a cashiers check made payable to PBTFUS for $2000, we will send them one free basic dual sport kit. Because of the size of our company we will have to limit this to 50 kits. This could raise $100,000 for PBTFUS.

These offers will be valid until December 31, 2002. It may be possible to extend this deadline.

For more information about the organization and information about upcoming fundraising rides check out www.ride4kids.org.

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Moya M Mazorow


Follow this link: http://www.trickdualsport.com/

There is also a note from Paul Krause telling how he personally benefitted from the research done with your gifts.

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