Where Did I Go Wrong? Kids!


My parents said the same thing after I got some ink work done. Of course, the addicting aspect of having tattoo work done means that there is a darngood chance that there is more ink work coming! If it is any consolation, at least it is not on a forearm or is his girlfriends name as unforunately there are alot of people that will never accept tattoo's and will continually pass judgement that you are a criminal. Now at age 36, I have a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and have made the decision that I will not let my tattoos become a problem with my "upward mobility" and will keep them out of sight in the "corporate world". It Sucks, but I realize it is a losing battle trying to change others point of view. BTW - the best sticker on my roll away tool box says, " My kid tattooed your honor roll student". :)

Good luck,


At least it's not a 1%er tattoo and you can show it to us on a family friendly website.


:D At least it's a"Proper" one and not done with blue ink and a compass point!! :) Also they can cover up if ness, I dont have a problem with Tattoo's, But ones like that are definately more art and better to look at than the more aggressive type, Hey it could have been a flaming skull with a dagger thru it.....or is that next :D

I think I would have to issue my son a bottle of alcohol and a sheet of Med Grit Sand Paper.

But that's just me.... I'd better shut up...I feel the Drill Sergeant raising up in me again.

Bonzai :)

Dude, sweet ink. I'm only the 4th or 5th post, but not to many "favorful" comments. Guess were a bunch of up tight riders here on the WR side, LOL!

Anyone who doesn't have a tat, won't really understand. Kinda like dirt biking, if people don't do it, they won't respect it. As for me, it's been 4 years since my last, and if I could just stop spending money on my bike for a month, the excess funds would definately go to more ink. I've got 5 now, and I have least 3 original drawings that I've been waiting to get done, just always spending money else where.

At any rate, very nice work. Post up as to who did your work if you can.


Dodger :):D

Hey Paul you wanna adopt any more kids? I don't have any tattoos - no plans for any either. I've had the same flat top since 8th grade so I'm pretty stable.

I just want a parent that is willing to share his bikes with his kids :)

See you at Stonyford on the 18th.


Yeah, I guess this is a subjective thing. He is an adult and makes his own decisions now. It just seems so permanent! :) Oh well, at least I don't have to pay his med bills anymore! :D

Hey Paul,

We have had a few discussions around our house about the same thing. I think "I feel your pain" (where have I heard that before?). My 18 year old says he wants a tattoo. I don't know if he really does, or if he is just trying to stir up the old folks a little. I told him that my main purpose in life was to help him get his Eagle Scout award and his Batchelors Degree. Then he can do as he pleases (more or less). Maybe by then he will understand the permanence. Then again, maybe not.

Club ride this weekend, play ride in Cal City next, then the WR gets put away for most of the summer (except maybe a trip to the Western Sierra). If you are interested in coming down, drop me an email.


Dan, between my work schedule and family stuff it will be hard to plan anything for the next month. Do you guys ever go up to Kennedy Meadows? Maybe we could plan a summer spode up there. North meets south kind of thing. Let me know what you think. Paul

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