XR650L Carb Vent?

well...i'm in the process of getting my jetting sorted out and was thinking about improving the air flow into the motor...airbox mods beyond removing the snorkle, etc...

as part of the process i've been thinking about the potential of water and water crossings...

...then it occured to me where in the hell is the carb vent tube???

...the PO did a de-smog and after un/reinstalling the carb three times i have not seen a vent tube/line???

after close examination there is an unused male fitting next to where the choke connection is made...is this the carb vent???

...i wud assume i shud connect a tube going down(simular routing to the bowl drain tube) with a "Y" or "T" going up under the seat for water crossings...is this correct???



sorry bro im lost, PO did it to mine so ive never even looked, microfiche shows it hooked to a Y and going down and up over to other side of carb

yup pretty sure i'm correct...i removed sum un-connected tubing when i first took the carb off...PO musta not connected it.

i'm glad i discovered it since with no tubing wud easily allow crud to enter the carb :confused:

one vent is routed down and the other up for water crossings...on my other piggy(KLR) the "Tee Mod" adds the underseat vent to prevent stalling during heavy rain and water crossings...


The drain line off the bottom of the bowl is also the bowl vent.


The drain line off the bottom of the bowl is also the bowl vent.


correct the bowl drain line and carb vent are tied together plus the upper vent line then the lower vent runs down below the swingarm...

the third pic down shows this http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16361

that's understanding unless i'm proven wrong...again.


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