Why, exactly, does the YZF sit lower than the WRF?

This observation I made after sitting on my friend's YZF was confirmed by Yamakaze, who owns both flavors: The YZF sits substantially lower than the WRF. :)

I am curious as to exactly what makes the difference. I really liked the feel of the lower YZF better. Is it the shock link? Springs? Frame? What do I need to make my WR like the YZ? Mine is a '99. :D

I thunk oot muey be the tunk und seet. :)

Seriously? I have the YZ seat (not installed yet), I even reupholstered it with extra thick automotive-grade black naugahide. I'm just waiting to afford a new Clarke tank since I can't find a used one in black.

It actually looks like the YZ is taller 'cause it's flat (no dip in the saddle other than me :)), but maybe that is an illusion? I know the YZ combo is lower in front, but there cannot be much difference in the middle and rear..? Also, the YZ has a taller rear wheel and one would think that would make it taller overall back there.

I'm not sure, but I think Yamakaze's WR has the YZ tank and seat, yet his YZ is still shorter.

I know the yz has the ninteen rear wheel but it also has a lower profile tyre.

ChainDrive,When I bought my WR with the stock seat and sag set I was at 39 in. seat height.I changed the seat/tank after one ride to a One Industries complete seat and a Ty Davis IMS tank and the seat height went from 39 in to about 37.5 in.Sag is at 100 mm.Works for me.I did'nt expect the seat height to come down but It was an added coincedential bonus.Any one else make this observation???FWIW

i've never seen either bike but i have the wr on order but they both list at a 39.2" seat height. maybe it has something to do with the amount of foam or sag of the seat that may give it the appearance of being higher. just my 2 cents since i haven't seen either bike but sure wish i had my WR. soon enough i will i guess !! i can't wait ,but i'll have too

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