SUDCO Customer service!

SUDCO Customer service!

I just want to inform you all of my problems with SUDCO.

I ordered from them jets for about $170 by e-mail. My order was very specific with part numbers from their web site. As I’m from Bulgaria and wanted everything to be shipped to a friend in LA as his collage was coming to BG soon and he was going to bring me the jets. When I received the jets I noticed that instead of 99101-124-XXX I received N424-24-xxx. I clearly stated that I need jets for my Yamaha wr426f FCR carb and the ones that I received were for some special CR carb. Then I said to myself “well, SUDCO is big, serious looking company and I will not have any problem. They did a mistake, it happens … and they will fix it”. Not to mention that I really needed that jets badly and I have waited a long time, so someone come to BG and bring them here, as if they are send by post I may never receive them, as posts around here are not secure, not to mention the price…

Anyway the guy that processed my order was named Pablo and I send him e-mail explaining what a mistake he/they did and if he will be kind enough to send me the correct ones and I will return him the wrong ones. I also wanted him to explain how exactly we will fix the payments as the N424-24-xxx ones are more expensive than the one I requested. I do NO received answer AT ALL. My friend in LA received the correct jets out of the blue and guess what, I WAS BILLED again. Ok, I said that must be the way they work, they have not received their jets yet, so that may be normal. I checked how can I send them back the wrong ones, but guess what, shipment from BG to LA is about $33. So I said, no problem, they will probably pay it as it is their fault after all. I talked to Pablo and asked him for their UPS account number so that I can send them collect. And again NO answer for a week. I e-mailed again with URGENT in the subject line and I Pablo told me that he couldn’t pay shipment from BG because they send the jets to LA.

I don’t understand what is the difference where they send it initially. This is just one thing they can hold on, so not to return my money. I can’t send them and pay $33 (half a salary over here), just because this Pablo may say something like “Return policy is 1 week” and I do not feel I must pay any cent because it’s not my mistake !!!!!!!!


Another maybe paranoid though crossed my mind. Did they do that on purpose? To make more sails? They knew I’m from BG and I’ll not returned them the jets paying myself for the MISTAKE THEY DID!

I’LL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SUDCO International (ha-ha international)

My suggestion to you??

You obviously put this on your credit card since you ordered online. I would send everything back, eat the $33 (unfortunate) and deny the charges on your credit card.

Just a suggestion though. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I dont think you are the first sudco victim.

I was thinking the same thing, but then I decided to leave it as is. I do not want to deal with them in ANY way any more.

Anyway I think people that read this may prefer other companies and in that way Sudco will get what they deserve!

I hope there are no more victims from TT!

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