06 or 07?

I am getting my son a used 450 and have decided on a Yamaha. The 07 should be better, but is it that much better then a 06.

What makes the 07 better then a 06?


They aren't that much different, frankly, and the right deal on either one will be a great bike.

The '06 has a little bit stronger low/mid power, the '07 has a little stronger mid/top end. That makes the '07 a little more suited to bigger tracks and faster riders, where the '06 is a little more suited to newer riders, smaller tracks, and recreational riding. By "a little", I mean you call tell the difference, but it isn't huge. Both bikes have smoothly delivered, manageable power in large quantities.

The '07 suspension is just a bit stiffer in the opinions of most, here again making the '07 slightly more suitable for faster people than the '06, but again, not a huge difference.

Thanks for the info, thats just what I was looking for.

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