Grease fittings on linkage and swingarm

How would one go about the mod of Grease fittings on linkage and swingarm.

Thanks for the time.

Make a search on grease nipples and you'll find a lot of info. Look at the posts under my username and you'll find infos forwarded to me by the membres. Thanks again guys :)

the link to my web page doesn't show too clearly where the nipples go so i'll explain.

the '99 WR has a cast in tiny square on the top left and right side of the swinger. on the left it's right next to the plastic chain guide-real close and if you go back to the photo now you'll just make it out. on the right i drilled daed in the middle and fitted. this was my only mistake and a big jump bent the GN out the hole. so if i did it again i would drill and tap on the rear edge of the "square" and i'd be ok.

the two bolts underneath in the hinges i tapped and also drilled a hole midway along the length. this means after a squirt that the grease goes forward and through the hole and into the bearings. i couldn't get a drill bit to even dent the side of the bolt so i stuck it on the bench grinder, got a little furrow and bam! the drill bit did it's job.

in the photo you'll just be able to make another nipple out on the pivot bar that bolts to the frame. i simply drilled this high, around the back and out the way.

the nipples came from an assorted pack that i got here in the uk. some were at 135 degrees or 45 degrees if you count that way. the nice thing about the angled ones is that at the end of the day if it's not easy to give them a squirt you aren't going to bother are you!

better something than nothing i reckoned.


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