Election results

Looks like nation wide the elephants kicked butt!! This can only mean good things for the offroad community. I came home from work yesterday and turned on the T.V. hoping to hear some humbling lies from Daschle but all the media hype was about Wynonna!! Damm, you would think she killed O.J. or somthing!!... I think I'm getting sick!

It was the usual depressing results here. Iowa used to be staunchly conservative. Our educational system and test scores consistently ranked at or near the top of the nation. Our unemployment and taxes were low. Before the moron we now have for a Governor took office, the state had a huge budget surplus, I had never experienced a layoff and made nearly twice what I do now.

I was like a whore in church being the only anti-democrat in my local Teamster union. Took a lot of crap. The first week after Iowa elected its first Democrat for Governor in my entire life, I posted the front page story on the Union bulletin board covering the new gov's plan to invite huge numbers of immigrants to Iowa to satisfy big business' (meat packing plants and such) clamor for ever-cheaper labor...All at us newly laid-off taxpayers' expense of course. I wrote "Told Ya So" on it and got perverse enjoyment out of their looks of betrayal. Many of us got laid off not long after... Apparently, judging from his re-election, their memories are very short.

In this, the most liberal county in Iowa, an election ballot consists of a list of positions with one democrat running unopposed for any and all local positions...It makes me sick. Oh, some are closet case conservatives all right, but you have to guess which ones.

We still have the same two loser Toms for governor and Senator: Vilsak and Harkin (he's a Clinton/Daschle butt-kissing liar). The NRA did their part by running ads showing how Harkin caters to the sportsmen's vote with lies then votes against us at every opportunity. It wasn't enough. But it was a lot more than the AMA did.

How did the AMA help protect our rights in your states? :) My NRA dues at least bought some tangible effort.

What's the deal? Everyone else in the country gets off-road friendly politicians except us in California? Well, we tried, but we get Governor Clouseau and his merry band of lesser life forms here. Every one of them is a solid "F" rating on off-road issues, and our state taxes are about to double.

Anyone in any other state have room in their garage for a husband and wife, two teenagers, 4 bikes and a dog, LOL?


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